Do you want to succeed in your business? Learn the intangibles in the game of business to keep your business thriving beyond 5 years.

About the Book

Are you struggling to succeed in your business? Finding it difficult to keep your business afloat? The Intangibles of Business Success is a book developed to help entrepreneurs understand the game of business’s intangibles and help them survive beyond the beginning five years. 

The book sheds light on the crucial aspect of prioritizing and cultivating relationships and developing long-term stamina to run the business marathon. 

About the Author

Derrick L. Alford is the Founder and CEO of Fiscal Fitness Tax & Financial Services, Inc., a well-regarded company that has provided comprehensive business, financial, and tax services to families and businesses for over 30 years. He is a former U.S. government compliance officer, with over 35 years of private and public sector business and financial industry experience.

Derrick L. Alford